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Friday, November 11, 2011

Oatmeal Packets

My kids DIG these.  I make about 70 at a time.  Enjoy!

Oatmeal Packets

Makes 10 packets

Blend 1/2 cup oats till powdery.

Into each bag, add….

1/4 C un-powdered oats
1/8 t. salt
2 T. powdered oats
1 Tbs and 1 tsp sugar (or a combo of sugar, xylitol, or brown sugar)

Add in's….

1) For Brown Sugar and Cinnamon,  use brown sugar in place of the white sugar and 1/8 t. cinnamon.
2) For Fruit and Cream, use 1 T. dried fruit (apples, blueberries, peaches) and 1 t. powdered milk.
3) For Chocolate Chip, use 1 t. mini chocolate chips. (I only use 1 T sugar when I add sweets.)
4) For Smores, use 1 t. crushed graham crackers, 1 t. mini chocolate chips, 1 t. ultra-mini marshmallows. (Less sugar).
5) For Birthday Cake, I add 1 t. festive sprinkles.
6) For Peanut Butter, I add 1 t. peanut butter chips.
7) For Maple and Brown Sugar, I add 1/8 - 1/4 t. maple powder (purchased from and 1 T. brown sugar.

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Emily said...

Thanks for this awesome recipe! I love all of the varieties you came up with!